Fine Chain Necklaces and Pendants

Fine Chain Necklaces and Pendants

Perfect for layering or adding charms to, fine chain necklaces and pendants offer multiple ways to accessorise. With various carat weights and metals available, these flexible necklaces vary from thin to thick and create endless looks. Select a necklace by the metal type, or opt for a specific style, such as a box chain or a ball necklace.

Gold Digger

One of the most well-known metals on the market, yellow gold offers a traditional look. Ranging in weight from the popular 14K fine chain necklaces and pendants to a solid 18K fine chain necklaces and pendants, yellow gold is a classic and chic choice. Some options to consider when youre choosing a yellow gold chain include a link chain, flat chain, or a delicate rope chain. Add a pendant to customise your chain, and switch them out based on your mood or look. Yellow gold stands the test of time and mixes well with other metals.

White Collar

A pretty alternative to silver, white gold provides almost the same look but with the same features as yellow gold. The only difference is the makeup of the metal, which in this case features a combination of gold as well as a lighter metal, such as nickel. Opt for white gold fine necklaces and pendants with the added sparkle of diamonds, or select from simple chain styles, such as a foxtail chain. Brands like Tiffany & Co. offer necklaces that combine white and yellow gold for a textured, sophisticated look.

Silver Lining

Authentic sterling silver accents your wardrobe with its affordable and chic look. Pick from sterling silver necklaces that feature heart-shaped pendants, birthstones, or even pearls, or opt for single strands of various thicknesses and styles. Choose a slim chain in order to add a pendant, or wear a thicker chain alone for a distinct and simple accent. Genuine silver stays beautiful and shiny for years to come, and its timeless look make it wearable year after year.

Smell the Roses

Beautiful and pink-hued, rose gold is in a class all its own. Created from an alloy of silver, gold, and copper, this eye-catching metal stands out from other options. Italian rose gold chains layer well with pendants for a dimensional look, or choose subtle styles, like a hammered heart necklace, to add visual appeal to your wardrobe. Vintage pieces are one-of-a-kind accessories, while more modern designs by Elsa Peretti look feminine and glamourous. For women who love the colour pink, rose gold is the way to go.