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Fingerprint Door Locks

If you're after the latest in home and personal security locks using cutting-edge technology, look no further than a fingerprint door lock. These electronic door locks use the unique print on your fingers to identify you as an individual and allow access to your home or office. They offer a few advantages when compared to key locks and pins while being one of the most convenient door locks and lock mechanisms on the market.

What Are Fingerprint Door Locks?

A fingerprint door lock allows you to access your home, office or other personal space using a system that recognises your fingerprints. As each of your fingerprints are unique, it's a safe and highly efficient means of identifying individuals and preventing unauthorised personnel from access. Fingerprints are incredibly difficult to fake or alter, and generally remain over the life of an individual, making them an ideal marker of human identity.

Why Are Fingerprint Locks Better Than a Key System?

In addition to being reliable and non-intrusive, there is also no risk of leaving your fingerprints at home or in the office. You'll never find yourself stranded outside having forgotten the key to your front door lock when all it takes is the press of your fingers to grant you access. Compared to a pin system, there's no need to remember yet another alphanumeric password or risk mis-entering your pin and locking yourself out.

How Do Fingerprint Door Locks Work?

Fingerprint locks on your door handles operate by scanning your fingerprints and converting this data into a numerical template. The first time your place your finger onto the scanner, it will save this template, with the process repeated for each individual to which you want to grant access. When they next place their finger on the sensor, it will match their data to one of the pre-saved numerical values and, if it matches, allow them access. On the other hand, if it doesn't match, the door remains locked.

How Do Fingerprint Door Locks Compare To Other Biometric Systems?

Compared to iris scanning, fingerprint door locks are more affordable and don't involve the often uncomfortable process of having your eyes scanned. Voice-based authentication is another one of the more popular biometric systems, but you can run into trouble if you have a cold or hoarse throat and the door refuses to open.

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