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Fireplace Hearths

Fireplace hearths keep your home warm and on-trend

The hearth is in many ways the heart of your fireplace. Of course, fireplace hearths also serve a very important role in protecting your home from the dangers that come with an open fire, such as sparks, loose coals, and other stray sources of ignition.

By installing a broad stone hearth, you can be sure that your room will be safe and sound, even if you leave your fire unattended while you nip into the other room.

Finish your fire in style

Choosing the right hearth for your fireplace is important, as it needs to suit your home and fireplace. It is much more than just a safety slab, its a decorative addition to your home that should complement and coordinate with your existing look and other fireplace accessories.

Choose your hearthstone

Fireplace hearths come in a range of different stone styles, from raw rustic slate, to smooth polished marble and granite. You can also choose from a range of trims to finish off your hearth in a way that matches your fireplace, from bevelled edges on the stone itself to wood and aluminium trims around the edge for a more modern look. Trimming your hearth will both give your fireplace real style and cover any raw edges of the hearthstone for a more polished finish.

Hearths come as whole slabs of stone, tiles, or even embossed or carved designs, so you can find the style that suits your room perfectly.

You can buy a hearth off the shelf if you have a fireplace of a standard size, or have them made to measure to fit your fireplace seamlessly. Choosing a made to measure hearth means that you can search for a stone that you absolutely love and have it cut down to size, resulting in a fireplace that is more personalised to your taste.