First Aid Bandages, Gauze & Dressings

First Aid Bandages, Gauze, and Dressing

Having plenty of first aid bandages, gauze, and dressing on hand helps ensure you are prepared to handle mild wounds and cuts, or even deal with more serious injuries in emergency situations. There are many different types of first aid materials, each of which has its own specific uses. Find the bandages, gauze, and dressing that suit your individual first aid needs.

First Aid Tape

First aid tape holds bandages in place or you can create custom-sized bandages with it. Some first aid tape is fully adhesive, which means it sticks directly to the skin, as well as other materials. There is also self-adhesive first aid tape, which only sticks to itself. Both types of tapes come in a variety of widths. Some are stretchy and some are not.

First Aid Compresses

First aid compresses are great for treating pulled muscles or twisted ankles. They wrap around the injured areas and provide compression and support. You can also use compresses to stop bleeding or to create bandages. Some first aid compresses are self-adhesive and some are not adhesive at all. Non-adhesive varieties often feature clips or Velcro to hold them in place.

First Aid Adhesive Bandages

First aid adhesive bandages are ideal for treating small scrapes and cuts, as well as superficial burns. These bandages feature built-in absorbent pads surrounded by strips of adhesive material. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as materials. Some are flexible and specifically designed to cover injuries around joints.

First Aid Gauze

First aid gauze works well for treating cuts and scrapes, as well as larger, stitched wounds. Gauze absorbs bodily fluids, while allowing injuries to breathe so they can heal quickly. Fist aid gauze works well in conjunction with first aid tape, and you can also use it with compresses.