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Find the right fish knife for you

Get kitted out in the kitchen with fish knives and fishing knives, whether you're looking to prep your fish, serve at the dining table or use as part of your fishing equipment on your next excursion.

Generally fishing knives come as fixed blade or folding knives and the most common style of fishing knife is a fish fillet knife. Fish fillet knives are thin, curved and flexible. Some also feature a pointed tip, which is useful for gutting the fish, and you can use the edge on the blade for descaling or cutting bones. Other types of knives include trout and bird knives and all-purpose or utility knives.


Because fishing knives are used in the wet, the blades should be made from stainless steel. Although, if it is used in salt water, you should always rinse it in fresh water to prevent any corrosion.

The handle needs to be made from a material that is resistant to moisture, such as plastic or nylon, and any knife sheaths should be made from similar materials. When it comes to fishing knives, you get what you pay for, so choose something good quality and look after it to ensure maximum usage.


If you're looking for a good quality knife, there are a selection of brands. Check out Swibo, for instance, who are known for their quality, including ergonomic handles, high grade stainless steel blades and optimal flexibility. Or, take a look at Mustad, a Norwegian company that has been producing fishing equipment for over 175 years.

Knives and Forks

When eating fish at the dinner table, choose a fish knife that's designed specifically for eating fish. They have broad blades that end in a sharp point, ideal for lifting bones away from the flesh of the fish. The curved, sharp edge ideally slices between the skin and flesh of the fish. Fish forks are smaller than standard table forks and curve inwards, whilst fillet fish knives will help to fillet your fish with ease.

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