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Fish Processing & Cooking Equipment

Fish Processing and Cooking Equipment

Fish processing and cooking equipment makes it easier to prepare freshly caught or whole fish. This equipment can help ensure that you get the most out of your fish, and it can make the overall process less messy. There are many different types of fish cooking equipment available, so you can find items that work for the type of fish you like to cook.

Fish Knives

Fish knives are specifically designed for cleaning and gutting fish. Many of them feature a slightly curved blade that contours to the shape of the fish, making it easier to cut the correct parts. There are also fish knives specifically for cutting fish fillets. The majority of these knives are extremely sharp, so they can easily cut through the fish, making clean, evenly-sized pieces.

Fish Scalers and Skinners

Fish scalers and skinners are tools used to remove all of the scales and skin from fish before cooking it. Scalers feature ridges specifically designed to catch on fish scales to pull them off. Some fish, such as salmon, is traditionally served with skin on one side. However, other types of fish, such as tilapia, is served without any skin. Fish skinners are designed to remove just the thin layer of skin without removing any meat.

Fish Fillet Tables and Cutting Boards

Fish fillet tables and cutting boards provide the ideal surface for processing fish. There are wooden and plastic varieties available. Some are designed for use in the kitchen, while others are specifically made to take with you on the go. There are some that even attach directly to the side railing of a boat, so you can quickly and easily process your freshly caught fish.

Fish Bone Pliers

Fish bone pliers are small metal pliers designed to remove the small rib bones from fish fillets. Some species of fish feature very small bones that are difficult to remove with a knife or with your hands. Fish bone pliers allow you to quickly remove them with minimal mess.

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