Fisher & Paykel Agitator Parts

Fisher & Paykel are an appliance manufacturer known for their refrigerators and washing machines. A washing machine’s effectiveness depends on how well its agitator works, so shopping for Fisher & Paykel parts will prove useful for when something goes wrong.

What is an Agitator and What Does it Do?

An agitator is a washer part that stirs the contents of your washing machine. This machine agitator is attached to a strong electric motor that allows it to spin rapidly at a relatively high torque in order to move the laundry around within the washing chamber.

What Models Should I Look For?

Largely the same design is used across many Fisher and Paykel washers, but more recent models may have a different agitator design. Consult your user manual in order to identify the correct part name and serial number to be sure. For instance, the 425025P agitator suits all top loading Smartdrive washing machines, while side loading washers will use lower profile agitators.

What Other Washing Machine Parts Are Good to Have Handy?

You will also want to buy an agitator bolt for the specific model of your washer. This part ensures that the agitator is seated well and will not wobble. Lint filters are also good to have handy.