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Fishing Flies

Fly fishing is a type of fishing that uses a rod and an artificial fly as bait. It's a sport that can be enjoyed in either fresh or salt water and is commonly used as a method to catch trout and salmon. Larger fishes, such as tuna and catfish, can also be caught this way provided the fishing rod is strong enough.

Unlike live bait, fly fishing bait is fake and has no scent, but is made to look like baitfish and insects. You can also find fishing flies that are very artificial in appearance, and it's their novelty factor that makes them stand out in nature and attract curious fish.

Fishing flies are hooked to the end of the rod and vary in weight and length. Heavier fishing flies will sink while the lighter varieties will float on the top of the water. Typically fishing flies will measure up to 5cm, however, there are much bigger varieties available should you be looking for something a little less subtle. Opt for single or multipacks with hooks in a variety of sizes from 24 down to 1 and from 1/0 up to 12/0.

Whether you're looking for fishing flies that use natural fibres such as hair, feathers and fur, or synthetic materials, there are thousands on the market to choose from. Take your pick from well-known fishing kit brands such as Partridge, Browning, Umpqua, Shakespeare, Hayabusa, Mustad and Dragonflies.

Dry fishing flies float on the water surface and replicate the appearance of mayflies, caddis and stoneflies. You can also find varieties that look like grasshoppers and ants.

The nymph is believed to be one of the most popular flies for trout fishing as the bait sits below the surface of the water. It also mimics the appearance of mayfly, caddis, or stoneflies at the development stage where the insects live under the surface of the water.

Streamer fishing flies are designed to look like leeches and minnows and should be moved backwards and forwards through the water.

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