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Fissler Cookware

Fissler is a German houseware company founded in 1845. Still owned by descendants of the entrepreneur who began the company, Fissler is a fifth-generation owner-operated company. Fissler gained fame by producing a mobile field kitchen that eventually became the modern food truck, and is well-known for manufacturing the first aluminium pans for electric ranges and inventing multi-setting pressure cookers.

Fissler Cookware Types

Fissler manufactures many types of cookware for consumer use, and the most popular include its pressure cookers and woks. However, Fissler also manufactures frying pans, stock pots, soup pots, sauce pans, steaming pans, colanders and more. Most of these products are sold with appropriately-sized lids in glass or steel. Fissler also produces accessories and care kits for each of its products.

Fissler Product Material Options

Fissler stainless steel cookware is among the most popular product lines, featuring brushed stainless steel construction around a specially-formulated steel core. The finishes for steel vary and can be brushed, matte or high-gloss. Fissler is also known for its glass cookware, nonstick pans, silicone mats and stackers for pots, and silicone cookware utensils.

Fissler Cookware Sets

Many of Fissler's best-selling products are sold as complete sets with multiple pots or pans and appropriately-sized lids for each. The most common of these sets is the four-pot set, which includes small- and medium-sized saucepans, a large stockpot and a high-lipped stewing pot. Other sets pair two sizes of frying pan or couple frying pans with smaller-sized pots.

Fissler Cookware Replacement Parts

Fissler manufactures replacement parts for most items on its cookware line including replacement handle grips, replacement handles, replacement lids and replacement single items for sets. For its pressure cooker collection, there are replacement lids, replacement pressure sensors and replacement knobs.

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