Professional results with Fissler

Fissler is a German manufacturer of cookware, producing stainless steel cookware sets, frypans, saucepans, sauté pans, steamers, cookpots, grill pans, pressure cookers, knives, and similar kitchen implements. The Fissler brand goes back to the late 1800s, when they built mobile field kitchens. They began producing aluminium cookware for use with electric stoves in the 1920s, and so on.

The Fissler pressure cooker was the first of it's kind with advanced features, such as multi-setting control valves in the post war period, and have continued to lead the way with similar innovative features, to this day. Fisslers cookware today is known for their all stove bases, a feature which allows them to be used effectively with any type of stove, hob, or heating surface, especially important for induction heating units.

Fisslers infamous pan

In 2008, Fissler introduced a gold, and diamond studded cooking pan, sold at Harrod's in London, England. Whilst the actual cooking surfaces of these luxury model pans were made of stainless steel, they were never made for actual use, featuring more than 200 diamonds apiece.

Fissler Vitavit pressure cookers

Fissler's Vitavit line is designed around safety, ease of use, and excellent food. The lid has large metal tabs which make it easy to affix to the pot body, and there is a colour coded tab in the handle which switched from red to green when it is affixed securely. The pressure valve has a traffic light indicator which indicates the pressure, yellow for too low, green for just right, and red for overpressure.

Other Fissler product lines include the Family Line stainless steel cookware and the Steelux Line non-stick frypans. Similar brands include Circulon pans, and roasters, Anolon cookware, and bakeware, Essteele Australia, and Essteele Per Vita cookware, and the Tefal ranges of non-stick cookware, and home appliances.