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Flat Top Trailers

When looking to haul your own gear, whether its for vacations, work or special outings, you need to have the proper space and towing power to carry everything. Trailers are extremely helpful when it comes to hauling large items as they can easily hook up to the back of your vehicle and tow whatever it is that needs hauling. Flat top trailers are a great investment for anyone that does a lot of outdoor sports or for someone who may have a landscaping business or a business that utilizes large equipment. These trailers can hook up to your vehicle through a tow hitch and are a simple flat bed on top of an additional axle. You can put almost anything on these trailers as long as they tie down properly with either rope or bungee cords. You can also provide your own covering with a tarp that ties down as well.

Tipper Trailers

Tipper trailers are another type of flat bed trailer, however these have the capability with either a button or lever, to tip up on one side, thus angling the bed of the trailer up. These trailers are great for anyone in the landscaping business or other businesses that need to empty out their trailers. For example, you could load up your trailer with dirt, pebbles, sand, or mulch to take from the store to a customers yard. Additional if collecting leaves, you could load up this trailer and easily dump them where needed. These are a bit more money than traditional flat top trailers as they have an electronic mechanism built in, but helpful for those who could utilize the tipping need.

Box Trailers

Other car, bike and boat trailers include box trailers, which provide a fencing around a traditional flat top trailer. This is helpful to contain your gear from falling off the bed as well as holding small items. These box trailers usually have a door or gate that can open on the back to allow for removal of items from the bed. The fencing around these trailers is usually about 12-18 inches high, just high enough to prevent things from rolling off the trailer. The fencing is usually a strong metal that can withstand bumps, scratches and dings. These are very durable trailers that are great for hauling gear. A variation of your traditional flat top trailer and similar to the tipper trailers but without the built-in mechanism, box trailers are great for anyone looking for some additional storage.

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