Floor Polisher

Floor Polishers

Its always disappointing when the exceptional gloss, warmth, and appeal of your hard floors disappears, replaced by unsightly scratches, scrapes, and dullness. No amount of sweeping, vacuuming, or mopping will return them to their original beauty. But theres a simple solution, available right here on eBay.

Floor polishers, also known as a floor cleaning machine or buffer, are designed to care for your hard floors and return them to their natural shine and appearance. They are suitable for most hard floors, including wood, laminate, tiles, PVC, stone, and granite, although be sure to check the model specifications to ensure its appropriate for your floors. Floors are damaged in a variety of ways. Heavy items being dropped or dragged on the floor, using the wrong detergents, water damage, and even direct sunlight can ruin the look of your floor.

Depending on the model, the action of a floor polisher ranges from a light sanding to applying a glossy shine. They may run on batteries, electrical power, or even propane for industrial models. The speed of a polisher is also quite variable. Lower speeds of 150-175 RPM work best to strip and sand the floor, while higher speeds are more appropriate for polishing, all the way up to 1000-2000 RPM for high gloss, high end speed. Some models can also switch speed depending on the outcome you want.

Floor polishers work best on a clean floor, so using a vacuum cleaner and other household cleaning supplies before polishing will improve your results. As an added bonus, some floor polishers have an built in vacuum action. Some even have attachments that can be used to shampoo carpet! With regular use, a floor polisher be a real credit to your housekeeping skills, and be the best way to keep your hard floors in top-notch shape. Search all household cleaning supplies available on eBay today.