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Fluorescent Work Lights

Work lights make tasks easier and there are so many options for designs and features. These lights allow you to see what you're doing even in dark conditions. They come in a range of sizes, and you can find many uses for this product in your home or workshop.

Power Source

One feature to consider is how these lights are powered. If you are working far away from an energy source, the fluorescent battery powered work lights will be the ideal choice. They will run for hours on batteries, making them the perfect for jobs in remote areas. Another option is the rechargeable work lights which also allow you to work away from a power source. Money can be saved on not buying batteries. They are great in situations where you will be able to recharge them once the batteries run out of charge. Lights with a cable must be plugged in, but they are less expensive to operate and ideal for use in a single location.


These work lights come in handy in many applications. You can use the light when working on a task away from your shop or when you go camping. They are also useful when the power has gone off in your home.  


These lights are portable and usually lightweight enough for you to carry. Additionally, they will light up a larger area than a flashlight, making them wonder for a variety of uses. They can run for several hours, allowing you to accomplish your task with no other light source.


Fluorescent work lights come with a few different options. Some have a hook, allowing it to be hang from a ceiling or along the wall. Others even include a tripod or base stand so you can keep your hand free while working

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