Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

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All-purpose foil for big and small jobs

Whether it's for insulation or simply for a bountiful roast on a Sunday with the family, aluminium foil is an incredibly versatile material to have around.

Keeping yourself well-supplied with a good raft of foil is always a good idea, and having two is even better, in case you haven't yet realised you're near the end of one of the rolls. Industrial options are available for insulation, but you also can't go past aluminium for general cooking purposes, or indeed for the largest barbecue you can possibly muster.


If it's for something a little more industrial, you might find the last word lies with some serious double wraps of foil, where you can insulate an entire building. Homes and garages are well suited to this kind of idea, and you may well find yourself making a tidy saving on the electricity bill thanks to the constant temperature in your home. The Radiant Barrier features a nifty design comprising of aluminium foil, heat-resistant adhesive, and fibreglass fabric. This non-toxic material is a great choice as it is durable and resistant to tears.

Aluminium foil duct tape

Tape made of aluminum foil offers incredible strength and durability. This tape can be used as a quick-fix method of repairing breakages while preventing items from heat and moisture damage.

Thermal bubble wrap

Bulk packs of tin foil bubble wrap are available in 90 square metre rolls and are a great industrial building insulation solution. The Radiantshield foil is made of aluminium foil and polyethylene. Thermal bubble foil can be stapled, glued, or taped, and is great for insulating the shed roof and walls, attics, basements, animal kennels and more. Industrial strength glue and other industrial building materials can be found on eBay too. The anti-glare layer means that you aren't blinded by intense reflective light like you would with most foiled products.

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