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Folding Mobility Scooters

Anyone with mobility issues knows the advantages of having access to a scooter. It opens up the entire world to you, or at least anywhere you can take the scooter. From grocery shopping to an afternoon with family, mobility scooters make a huge difference to quality of life. With a folding scooter you can enjoy those benefits more easily because the scooter folds up and travels where you do.

Scooter Basics

All electric mobility scooters follow the same basic design principles. They feature an electric motor and battery pack driving a set of wheels with another set for steering. Terrain scooters feature larger wheels and more powerful battery packs for longer use, but the majority have 20 km or more range on a charge.

Folding Scooter Advantages

The biggest advantage of a folding scooter is not just its portability, but also the way it achieves it. Many scooters break down for transportation, but you have to reassemble them at the destination. A folding scooter is much easier to handle as it stays in one piece, so you can get it ready for use in a matter of moments.

Features to Look For

Weight is always an important feature in travel scooters, both the weight of the unit and its weight capacity. Most small scooters can hold at least 100 kg, while larger ones can hold anywhere from 200 kg on up. Performance also matters, and not just speed; a small turning radius also helps. Indoor scooters can often manage about 6 km/h, while terrain models can reach up to 15 or 20 km/h.

Travelling with a Scooter

When travelling with a folding mobility scooter, always be sure to take the charger with you. Note that many travel models come with lithium batteries and are aeroplane certified for safe overseas travel. It normally takes anywhere from six to ten hours to charge a scooter, so be sure to build that time into your schedule.

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