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Individual Containers

Jars are a simple storage solution that have versatile applications for keeping food fresh and organised. They come in a range of types that lend themselves to different practical applications depending on the shape, size and material they are made from.

Ceramic Jars

Jars made from ceramic have both a practical and an aesthetic function. Ceramic storage containers look beautiful and have the added benefit of hiding their contents from plain sight, especially when the contents are not visually attractive. Ceramic jars are good for storing light-sensitive products. They can be used for making fermented foods such as kombucha, but the glaze needs to be confirmed as food-grade or it could contain lead. Ceramic jars can be used all around the house, from providing additional attractive storage in the bathroom to keeping sewing supplies neat and on hand.

Glass jars

Glass jars are mostly screw-top or mason jar varieties and have been used for centuries for food storage and preservation. They are easy to sterilise by boiling, and have been used to make preserved food like jams and pickles for many years. It is extremely important to make sure that jars used for this purpose are completely sterile and airtight, as otherwise harmful bacteria can make the food unsafe. Mason jars in particular are in widespread use for home decorating. They are also a popular item with craft hobbyists, and can be repurposed as candle holders, small planters and many other projects.

Spice Jars

Spice jars are small containers, normally made from plastic or glass, that have a metal or plastic sieve-like device under the lid to distribute products evenly. Aside from the usual spices, spice jars can be used to store other ingredients that need to be sprinkled. Spice jars full of flour can be used for flouring a board when making pastries, filled with icing sugar for dusting baked goods, while a cinnamon and sugar mix can be stored for easy cinnamon toast.

Metal Jars

individual metal food storage jars are fantastic storage solutions as they are durable and attractive. Metal often is better for the environment than glass or plastic because it uses less resources to produce and can be naturally broken down. They are great for households with small children as they can’t be accidentally dropped and broken and can last for years without getting chipped or damaged. Solve the problem of not being able to easily see the contents by choosing a metal jar with a glass window.

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