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Samsung Galaxy S III Batteries

The 4.8-inch Samsung Galaxy S III comes with many useful features that make your life on the go much easier. For instance, the Direct Call function automatically dials your friend's number if you pick up the phone while texting and the picture-in-picture technology allows you to surf the Web, chat with your friends and watch a video at the same time. Unfortunately, if your battery life is poor, you cannot enjoy what the phone has to offer. As Galaxy S III batteries are removable, you can replace an old battery. Learn how to do it and choose a battery compliant with your S III.

Testing Your Old Battery

Once the battery can no longer hold a charge, it becomes obvious that you need to replace it. However, there is another way to detect whether your Samsung Galaxy S III battery has become dysfunctional. The spin test works with all flat and removable batteries and luckily, the Galaxy S III batteries fall into that category. Remove the battery and lay it on a flat surface. Flick a corner of the battery to see whether it starts spinning. If it spins, you need a new one because this means the battery has a bulge from overheating. This might be because of playing games with high-definition graphics, charging the battery for too long, leaving it in direct sunlight and using mobile phone cables and adapters that are faulty.


The original battery inside your Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone belongs to the category of 1000-2999 mAh mobile phone batteries. Namely, its capacity is 2100 mAh. If you use high-draining applications a lot, you may wish to invest in a more capacious battery. Fortunately enough, Samsung has also released a battery fitting into the category of 3000-4999 mAh mobile phone batteries, 3000 mAh.

Detect the Battery Model Number

An important aspect of replacing your smartphone battery is detecting the battery's model number to then look for the same model. This could be inside the phone's back cover or on the battery itself. The model numbers are different for different manufacturers and thus finding one for your Samsung should not be too difficult a task.

Verify Before Purchase

Before ordering your battery, verify it definitely is the right one for your phone. Examine the photos carefully to see whether the connector looks the same. Check that the battery has the manufacturer's logo on it if you want a genuine product. Most batteries also feature a 3D hologram.

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