Multipurpose forceps for every need

This well-known piece of medical and scientific equipment is commonly used by surgeons and laboratory scientists. Forceps are the ideal piece of medical equipment for grabbing and removing items in a controlled manner. They are also regularly used by hobbyists and crafters.

The structure of the tip determines what forceps can be used for. Popular uses include holders for tiny objects such as needles, tissues, or swabs. Forceps can also be used for cutting or as a clamp.

Surgical Forceps

Straight and curved forceps are important instruments for surgeons during a range of medical situations. There is a wide selection of high-quality forceps available which are made from surgical stainless steel.

Both straight and curved forceps are used in the medical profession due to their fine precision and performance. The instrument is known for its ability to grip small objects with ease. They can also be used as clamps due to their locking mechanism feature. Straight or curved forceps can also be used as scissors in the process of cutting tissue.

Many straight and curved forceps are created with an ergonomic design to provide comfort to the user during long surgeries. There is also a wide selection of lengths available, which should suit all surgical requirements.

Hobby tools

There is a variety of other uses of forceps such as crafts and hobbies. A popular use of smaller length forceps includes fly fishing. This handy instrument can help create clinch knots and cut very thin threads without the interruption of moving your gear whilst waiting for the perfect catch.

They are made of high-quality stainless steel similar to medical grade forceps. However, they are ideal for fisherman due to their corrosion and water-resistant properties.

Forcep sets

If youre looking for a variety of forceps, there is a selection of assorted packs with different tips. Youll find everything from straight and curved ends to clamp style designs with serrated teeth and small tweezer forceps, which are ideal for a range of hobby and craft uses.