Ford Car & Truck Wheel & Tyre Packages

Ford Wheel and Tyre Packages

If you need to upgrade the performance and appearance of your vehicle, a Ford car and truck wheels and tyres package can make a dramatic difference. Purchasing your Ford tyres and wheels in a package is a good idea, as it helps ensure that they are compatible with your vehicle, and can make you eligible for discounts on your purchase.

Buying a Wheel and Tyre Package

Many online retailers have useful tables that can help determine exactly the right product for your Ford car or truck. By simply inputting the year and model of your Ford, and in some cases the tyre size, you can search for wheels and tyres that will both look good and ensure the roadworthiness of your car or truck. Remember that if you have a vintage, speciality or modified vehicle, you will need to pay especially close attention to wheel and tyre fit.

Before Buying Ford Wheel and Tyre Packages

A standard Ford wheel size can be easily determined, but if you want a custom wheel package, you should understand how your choices could impact the safety and handling of your car or truck. You will need to know your wheel diameter, the width of your existing tyres and your tyres aspect ratio. A larger diameter wheel helps with responsiveness, whereas smaller wheels with a higher aspect ratio give a smoother ride.

Package Inclusions

The fit of your Ford wheels and tyres is the most important component, but some sellers do offer additional incentives. Mounting by a specialist ensures that your wheels and tyres fit properly. Balanced wheels last longer and give the vehicle added performance benefits. Inflating tyres with nitrogen gets the most out of your tyres. Delivery also needs to be considered in the price when purchasing online.

Custom or Speciality Ford Vehicles

If you have purchased a Ford custom vehicle, you naturally want the wheels and tyres you select to enhance its performance. Ford truck wheels have a limited range of size options. However, your tyres can be chosen from a range of all-terrain, off-road, heavy duty or normal tyres to help your vehicle reflect your lifestyle.