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Got one to sell?

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One of the more common mechanical failures on the Ford Courier, particularly those of the third and fourth generation, concerns its gearbox. Later in life, these gearboxes often experience failed bearings due to oil starvation, worn synchromesh that makes gear selection difficult and loud, or blown or lost fifth gears when the overdrive is put under stress.

Thankfully, eBay offers a range of second-hand and reconditioned gearboxes to replace your tired or broken gearbox, letting you can get back on the road as soon as possible, instead of waiting for your old gearbox to be repaired, while potentially spending weeks off the road.

Second-hand vs. Reconditioned Gearboxes

Second-hand gearboxes can be tricky. Without seeing the gearbox in operation, you may not be able to tell if the box you are buying has issues, such as noisy bearings. However, second-hand gearboxes will often be the cheapest option, which may allow you to get it reconditioned after you buy it. Some wreckers selling second-hand gearboxes on eBay also offer warranties on their gearboxes to provide peace of mind, but be sure to check the listing description or ask the seller to make sure of the details.

Reconditioned gearboxes are second-hand gearboxes that have been pulled apart and inspected for damage. They have any damaged or worn components replaced, to then be put back together for a renewed lease on life. These gearboxes are generally re-assembled with new bearings and seals to ensure you get a long life out of the gearbox, and while it might not feel like a brand new gearbox, you can expect it to be noise-free and function perfectly well.

Changeover Gearboxes

Some sellers of reconditioned or second-hand gearboxes are gearbox repair specialists, and offer their units on a changeover basis. With this type of purchase, you give the seller your broken gearbox in exchange for theirs. This often reduces the Ford Courier gearbox price when buying second-hand or reconditioned, as the seller can recondition your old gearbox and then re-sell it.

Time to compare the options! Home to a vast range of spare car and truck parts, eBay is the place to find great parts at great prices, with everything from gearboxes and engines, to air intakes and fuel delivery essentials on offer.

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