Ford Car and Truck Wheels

Whether you own a Ford car or truck, tyres will need to be replaced over time. How often you need to replace them will vary, but experts suggest every 5-10 years or when the tread indicators are significantly worn. There is a wide range of Ford car and truck wheels to suit all budgets and tastes. Ford mag wheels are a popular option for many buyers, whilst others opt for Ford steel rim car and truck wheels.

Stay Safe

As tyres wear, they begin to lose traction which can be very dangerous in wet, slippery conditions. When you purchase new tyres you are making an investment in you and your family's safety. Buying wheels made specifically for Ford means that you can rest assured and be confident you are getting a quality product that will fit your vehicle.

Wheels Only

If you already have good tyres, you can also purchase wheels on their own. This allows you to upgrade the style of your vehicle and express your personality at an affordable price. There are colour, material and style options ranging from matte black, chrome gold, stud mesh, alloy, aluminium, steel and mag through to bold colours and model specific rims.

Range of Different Sizes

Every Ford requires a different size wheel or rim. Car and truck wheels range in size, and it is important to get the right fit. If you look at your current wheels, you will notice symbols imprinted on the rubber which tell you tyre type, tyre width, aspect ratio, construction, wheel diameter, load index and speed rating. This information will help you to find a comparable wheel that will fit your vehicle.

Options to Suit Your Driving Style

Car and truck wheels come in a range of different performance options. These can span from budget tyres, everyday passenger vehicle tyres through to high performance sports driving tyres. Keep in mind that sports tyres will wear quicker, are more expensive, and will need replacing at shorter intervals than regular tyres. Your vehicle model and driving style will determine what type of Ford car and truck wheels you need. Keep in mind that the warm climate of Australia contributes to tyre wear and pressure variances, so it is recommended to check your tyre condition and pressure on a regular basis.