Four Poster Beds

Four-poster beds

Charming and old-fashioned, four-poster beds have a distinct design that makes them the highlight of any bedroom. Updated beds made for contemporary times come in sleek materials and lines, bringing them into the millennium yet keeping the basic style that makes the beds so appealing. Choose from a range of styles and designs to complement your aesthetic, and add one of these dreamy beds to your room for a fairytale look and feel.

Modern Love

When you hear the word four poster bed, its easy to conjure up images of elaborate wooden beds embellished with scrolls and twirls. However, todays beds arent limited to that specific style. If your tastes are more contemporary, pick a more updated bed frame with fewer bells and whistles, or opt for a more shabby chic feel with white wooden styles that add a fresh look to any room. Gothic designs create a medieval look, and if thats not your style, a traditional four poster bed never goes out of style.

Nerves of Steel

There are several materials available when it comes to choosing a four poster bed. Update your bedroom by browsing steel four-poster beds and frames and enjoy a trendy look with clean lines. Metal beds may or may not have details, like scrolls. Enjoy the look and feel of a wood bed? Mahogany four-poster beds feature a dark, rich wood that makes a beautiful bed, or you can opt for lighter-coloured oak beds and bed frames. Beds may or may not have a canopy on top.

Size it Up

Four-poster beds come in a variety of sizes. From smaller single beds to large king-sized options, there are many sizes to meet every preference. To discover which size works best for you, use a tape measure to discover the dimensions of the space where the bed will go, and ensure you get a size that fits in the allotted space.

Its in the Details

Dress up your four poster bed by adding some romantic embellishments. Drape a canopy over the top of the bed, or add curtains to each side of the bed for an old-fashioned, decorative look. Choose a bed with hand-carved details that stand out, or add subtle lace valances around the top of the bed for visual appeal. four-poster beds are versatile when it comes to bedding, curtains, and embellishments, so add details to your bed that suit your personality and the existing room decor.

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