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Freestanding Oven

Freshly baked biscuits, still warm and gooey. Your Mums lamb roast, ready for a family feast. Bacon and eggs with thick slabs of homemade bread, toasted to perfection. Whatever is on your menu, you and your loved ones deserve the best, and that can only be achieved with a great freestanding oven. Whether electric or gas, induction or ceramic, your new upright oven can be found right here on eBay.

A freestanding oven provides maximum flexibility in your kitchen design. Freestanding ovens usually have finished sides, so its not necessary to install them between benches. They tend to be more affordable, and often larger than a built-in oven model, so theyre a great choice for home chefs cooking for a large family or several guests, or for those who prefer to cook large batches of food to freeze for later. A freestanding over will have a built in splash back behind the included cooktop. The oven itself is positioned under the cooktop.

What to look for in a freestanding, upright oven

The controls on the oven should be clearly labelled, easy to use, and a good size. Removable controls help when it comes time to clean. Controls at the front provides a better look, but it also makes it easier for young children to reach. Etched labels on stainless steel controls will prove longer lasting than bonded labels which may rub or fall off. Also consider the layout and size of the burners. Look for a well spaced design and a variety of burner sizes from simmering to large. Smaller burners should be at the front, as the food places on these burners generally requires regular stirring (for example, stir fry, gravy, or sauce).

How much space do I need?

Other than the obvious consideration of making sure your freestanding oven fits in the available space in your kitchen, the other thing to think about is the number of people you will typically cook for. One to two people require 2-3 cubic feet of oven space. Three to four people require 3-4 cubic feet, and over 4 cubic feet is best when regularly cooking for four or more people.

Theres a large variety of additional features and accessories available for upright ovens, so start your research with the range available right here on eBay, and youll soon be baking up a storm in your new freestanding oven.

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