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FREITAG, one-of-a-kind bags and accessories made from upcycled truck tarp. Born in Zürich through the inspiration of Markus and Daniel Freitag, the brand was inspired by colourful traffic that frequented the view from the brothers' apartment. Freitag bags are made from rugged, completely compostable textiles that are based on vegetable fibres produced using a minimum of resources within an area of 2500 kilometres from the factory. If you love the idea of owning sleek bags and accessories that are made from sustainable and ethically sourced materials, then look no more! All the FREITAG items you could want are available right now on eBay. Shop to find out the impressiveness of upcycled materials that feel strong, look great and make you feel even better! There are so many great deals on FREITAG bags and accessories on eBay happening right now. Why not see for yourself? 

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