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If you are looking for an instantly attractive and affordable way to update your home, you should consider frosted window film. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, window frosting can transform dull, boring glass into beautiful finishes with intricate patterns or fresh new styles.

Decorative window film can be used in conference rooms, lobbies, partitions, exterior windows, private offices, and many more surfaces. Make an impact in your home or office space with frosted window film.

Advantages of window frosting

With so many benefits, it is little wonder why window frosting still continues to be a popular decoration for many residential or commercial spaces. One of the major reasons for installing frosted window film in your home is for privacy reasons. Frosted windows provide complete privacy while avoiding the hassle of having to install traditional curtains or blinds. You’ll be able to have modern, sleek and appealing windows without having prying neighbours or visitors able to peek in.

Another benefit is that window frosting allows for natural light to filter through the room but minus the heat. This means the film will effectively save energy. Window frosting is also the cheaper alternative to blinds or curtains , and they are very versatile - from full frost to light frost, and available in a range of colours, you are sure to find the right design to suit the decor of your home.

Best of all, window frosting is so easy to apply. In fact, you can even do it yourself, and you don’t need heavy tools or special equipment. All you need to do is clean your chosen window, measure how much glass you need to cover, cut out your frosting to place it on the glass, and then peel the backing off the film. Then, use a squeegee to push the liquid and air bubbles out.

When you’re inspired and ready to renovate your home or office, shop online on eBay for frosted window film, windows shutters and more at great prices.

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