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Create a truly exotic garden by planting fruit plants

Its not quite bush tucker, but growing and cultivating your own edible fruit trees is a great step towards a more sustainable future. Plus, theres something very satisfying about picking and eating homegrown fruit. Ornamental species of these plants and seedlings are also available to give your garden an impressive display of variety and colour.

Shop by climate

Its often difficult to choose which fruit plants might be best in your home, garden, orchard or, greenhouse, so to make the choice a little easier you can browse through plants for different climates. Choose from temperate, cold, subtropical, or tropical to find the fruit plants that will give you the best return.

The climate in Australia is perfect for growing a wide range of native and tropical fruit plants and trees, including pear, nectarine, apricot, peach, plum, and avocado, all of which ripen quickly in the sunshine. For the more adventurous palate try guava, red tamarillo, mulberries, and white pomegranates.

If your space is limited, look for species like blueberries, Panama berries, or macadamia nuts, all of which can be grown successfully in pots. Many varieties of fruit can be potted and will do very well as long as they have plenty of water.

If you have a large garden the skys the limit. Mix it up and grow yourself a fruit orchard with a variety of different trees. You can find plenty of more exotic species here on eBay too, such as grafted soursop, grafted abiu, and grafted cacao, providing a huge range of different growing, picking, and eating

Grafted fruit plants and trees

Some species of fruit plant, most notably avocados and dwarf avocados, are grafted. Grafting is a process of attaching superior plant stock to robust, often older or more established roots to achieve the most desirable plant characteristics. Most avocado plants will take three years to fruit following purchase, but the graft will already be well established, so you can plant out with confidence.

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