Popular Fujitsu Products

Stay cool, calm and connected with Fujitsu air-con and IT solutions   

In 2015 Japanese multinational IT equipment company Fujitsu was the world’s tenth-largest IT services provider based on revenue. In other words, Fujitsu is a major player in the global marketplace for digital devices. Millions of consumers and business professionals around the globe choose Fujitsu hardware and software solutions covering categories such as computing, integrated systems, data storage, servers and peripheral devices, but it’s the brand’s superb range of personal electronic devices, home entertainment systems and home appliances that are most prevalent at eBay’s massive marketplace.   

Fujitsu heating and cooling solutions   

Is your household feeling the cold bite of winter or the harsh heat and humidity of an Australian summer? Well, Fujitsu is perhaps best known for its outstanding range of home heating and cooling solutions. Install a Fujitsu home ductless split-system air conditioner and you’ll be amazed at the instant relief from those uncomfortable temperatures. There’s no reason to be freezing or roasting when a quality Fujitsu unit can create the room conditions you crave. Optimised airflow design, automatic mode selection based on room temp, complex horizontal and vertical swing action, and economic power consumption – these are all features of top Fujitsu reverse cycle heating and air-conditioning units.    

Fujitsu laptops and notebooks   

When it comes to Fujitsu laptops and notebooks, you’re most likely searching for a compact and lightweight yet durable machine for school, business or travel purposes. Fujitsu make one of the world’s smallest laptop/tablet convertibles, a 6” device with a swivel screen, which delivers an incredibly versatile and portable personal computing solution for when space and weight matter. Alternatively, a standard-sized Fujitsu LifeBook laptop and tablet remains ultra-thin yet competitive on the power front for more intensive applications.   

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