Full Body Massagers

Full Body Massagers

A full body massage is given from head to toe. When using an electronic body massage machine, it is important to know how to properly use the tool in order to get the most out of your self-massage.

What Are the Benefits of a Full Body Massage?

A full body massage is meant to stimulate the body, while adding pressure to areas that are filled with tension. The goal of a massage is to release this tension, while allowing the natural circulation of the body to be rejuvenated and revitalised for a positive outcome. Here is are the benefits of a full body massage:

  • Pain Relief: A full body massage helps relieve pain by removing toxins and desensitising areas that have been injured. However, areas of injury should be treated by a professional without the use of a handheld massager.
  • Body Rejuvenation: Because of the stimulating effects of a massage, this promotes improved circulation. The oxygen in your blood flows freely and the toxins are removed using your natural body process through blood and lymphatic circulation.
  • Stress Relief: One of the most sought after benefits of a full body massage is its stress-relieving effects. Because of the continuous rhythm of the body massager or a therapists hand movements, you will feel relief from tension and stress as you experience your full body massage. With pressure-point massages, you get the benefits of both tension and stress relief.

What Types of Electric Full Body Massagers Are Available?

There are various designs on the market, but few that can truly give you the full body massage that you want. Here are some of the models you can find:

  • Percussion Massagers: These type of massagers vibrate and are used to improve the bodys circulation.
  • Electronic Pulse Massagers: These are used for specific muscles and requires more than one device for a full body massage.
  • ElectronicShiatsu Massage Pillow: This is a portable massage machine that you can use on the go.

What Should You Do Before and After You Use Your Body Massager?

Ideally, there are some steps that you must take before using a massager because you wont be able to do them immediately after you massage. There are other activities that you should not do as well before you use your full body massager. Here are our tips:

  • Take a shower before you use your complete body massager. You may want to apply essential oils or lotions and you wont be able to shower after you use the massager because it is not ideal for the body. Your muscles need to rest first before they are exposed to cold water.
  • Do not eat before you use your portable body massager. You may feel uncomfortable or too full to fully enjoy your massage.
  • Let your body rest after your full body massage. This will allow your massage to take its full effect by letting your body feel the immediate effects of the massage such as relaxation, reduced tension and less pain.