Fuse Box

Fuse boxes for your vehicle

Ensuring that you have a quality fuse box and that your vehicle electronics and GPS systems are running smoothly can save you from larger problems in the future, which usually dont come at the most convenient of times. If youre looking for a reliable fuse box for your system, youve come to the right place. These fuse boxes are all versatile pieces of kit which can be used in a range of different vehicles, including boats, marine motorhomes, campers, and trailers. Easy to install and complete with safety cover, you wont go wrong when you buy a fuse box on eBay.

For the road

Its often essential to replace your box to restore full functionality to your car or motorhome, as its very unsafe to drive with a faulty fuse box. There are a number of different brands available including Narva and Bussman. Products like the Narvas 12-way fuse box are a versatile solution for many different vehicles. This product comes with a standard blade wedge fuse holder, as well as a removable see-through clip on the cover. Its the ideal fuse box for when you need to wire auxiliary power which needs to then be taken through to 12 separate circuits.

Safety and tidiness

Fuse boxes can be found for systems onboard caravans and boats, where there will be multiple applications with different accessories running on them. A fuse box with the ability to power multiple applications helps to eliminate mess in an already cramped area and creates a safer and serviceable electrical space. You can find other essential caravan parts and accessories on eBay too. Fuse boxes like Narvas are also equipped with a lockable transparent cover, which ensures fuses do not accidentally short circuit. They are also suitable for use with both standard ATS blade fuses, as well as ATS plug-in circuit breakers, making them a great choice for a perfectly efficient fuse box.