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If you want a youthful and on trend look that's completely casual, then G-Star has what you need for fashionably laid-back feels.

Futuristic and cautious, alternative and traditional, far-reaching and experimental… that is why G-Star as a brand has a unique style that is for all time. With eccentric combinations that help to maintain their authenticity, G-Star has never been one to blindly follow the crowd, instead they just follow the product.

About G Star

Dutch urban clothing brand G Star was originally founded in 1989 by Jos van Tilburg, and right from the start their focus was denim clothing, marketed to an urban and original scene. Since it was first established in Amsterdam, the heart of the Netherlands, G-Star has responsible for the creation of an entirely new market sector for denim. G-Star jeans singlehandedly redefined what luxury streetwear meant by producing handcrafted denim garments with a unique and edgy flair. It's no secret that perfectly tailored and high-quality denim is the reason G-Star became the most coveted jeans brand in the world for both women and men alike.

G Star Accessories

G Star made the decision to diversify the range of products they sell to also include the introduction of footwear, apparel, and other accessories. The brand took their inspiration from various styles of vintage uniforms and other apparel won by military around the world, which saw the use of trims aa well as the inclusion of special pocket constructions. For an urban, street-ready look, whether that includes the brand's signature denim or jackets or T-shirts, you can always rely on the collection of G-Star apparel for all of your downtime essentials.

G Star Luxury Denim

The philosophy of G-Star's has always been "Just the Product'. It was this single-minded approach by the fashion label that caused raw, untreated denim to no longer be considered a material that's unwearable or undesirable, created a fusion of street level edge with high-level craftsmanship which identified a new "luxury denim for the streets' sector in the market, as well as the adoption of 3-D architectural design and construction of denim that resulted in the evolution of their new and distinctive denim silhouette.

Ever since the brand's conception, G-Star has been well-known for their truly innovative and cutting edge views towards the world of denim for women and men. By continually pushing boundaries and constant experimentation, their techniques of product development led to a robust following from fans all around the world. Their rudimentary, rough, and at times RAW characteristics of the label is what allows G-Star to continue maintaining their unorthodox and distinctive styles.

By promoting denim's inherent beauty with their creation of treatments and washes that bring out the material's unique qualities and characteristics. The sophisticated washing palette of today represents the full life-story of the denim, from raw and unwashed, to deep dyed indigo, to extremely bleached, with each different treatment adding multiple wear gradations that causes distinctively textured garments that have soul.

Since RAW Denim premiered in 1996, G-Star broadened the original concept so that it included a newer, fresher, and edgier image that would appeal to all trends, styles, and ages, while also ensuring that the product itself was always kept in the purest form. They then rely on functional attributes and authentic detail to provide their collections with a strong sense of brand identity.

It has always been the products innovation towards perfection that are imperative to the G-Star label. Each new season their jeans-oriented collections serves as a basis for the new line, while innovative washings and authentic details are then added. This process is why the G Star crew have had multiple breakthroughs in denim washing over the past few years, as well as why they are always continually reaching out to many of the other different markets all over the world.

G Star Jeans for Men

By making use of denim fabrics as well as innovative design, G-Star has produced a wide selection of fashionably durable jeans that will provide every man with their own distinctive look. Ranging from classic 3301 styles to much more modern D-Staq styles, this collection is available in a variety of different finishes so every man can find the perfect jeans to suit his style.

Skinny Jeans? Or Loose Fit?

Apart from designing men's jeans in a variety of shades, such as the darker finish Raw Denim and formal/informal Dark Aged, there is also different shapes and fits ranging between tight and loose. If you like jeans with the close-fitting look, you will likely be best suited to a Skinny Fit or a Slim Fit. Alternatively, if you prefer looser fitting denim that provides more room and comfort, you should try a Tapered Straight Fit, or maybe even the loosest fit available, a Relaxed Fit.

G Star Jackets & Blazers for Women

The range of G-Star's new blazers and jackets for women will surely suit every style and occasion, while bringing out your best look no matter what your outfit. Whether you're looking for a new outdoor garment, like a new winter coat, or an extra layer for your daily attire, like a new blazer, G-Star have the best range of blazers, jackets, and even winter coats or jackets right her, so you are sure to find something just right for your style.

Are you searching for a new jacket that you can still wear in a business setting with a pair of elegant pants, or are you chasing something in a stout jacket style to add some spice to your day to day look? The collection of G-Star jackets and winter coats for women you'll always find a cutting-edge design that truly suits your personal style. While G-Star is famously a brand that is denim-oriented, their range of women's jackets and blazers take you far beyond denim alone, so you can choose from a wide variety of materials, from all-time favourites to the more recent innovative fabric blends.

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