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Lay back and relax in style in men’s GANT clothing from eBay! 

Founded in 1949 by Bernard Gantmacher, GANT is driven by the idea that you should never stop learning. It has been the guiding tenet since Gantmacher kicked off his shirt-making business in Connecticut’s college town New Haven. It started with shirts and has evolved since then. However, they have never stopped reinventing their shirts. Combined with Gantmacher’s dedication and the ingenuity, fashion sense, and creativity of his sons, GANT keeps on winning. 

Berl Gantmacher was born in Ukraine and sailed to America to create a new, better life. There, he found success. He arrived at Ellis Island in 1907 at the age of 17, having travelled via Rotterdam. It was then he chose to Americanise his name, taking the moniker Bernard. By day he worked in the garment district and by night he attended classes at pharmacy college. It was his day job, though, that taught him the art of tailoring. It’s also where he met the woman who would become his wife. He joined the army when the first world war broke out and fought in France. When he returned he finished college, married, and went into business. 

GANT Men’s Shirts

GANT has a lot to offer when it comes to men’s shirts, which makes sense since that’s where it all started. You can choose from a wide variety of styles and colours, from long and short-sleeved polo shirts, casual and formal button-downs, also both short and long-sleeved, and t-shirts. With stylish colourful rugby polo shirts and slick button-downs to choose from, you are sure to build a wardrobe that pops. GANT shirts stand out, they’re not going to fade to the back of your wardrobe and be forgotten. They’re going to be your go-to fashion.

GANT Jumpers

A v-neck jumper is an excellent choice for the dapper man who loves to pair a button-down and tie with something more casual than a blazer. There are also sleeveless v-necks and cardigans for an even more casual option. A zip-up cotton jumper is ideal for pulling on over your shirt to keep you warm on cooler days. You will also find a range of lightweight jumpers that are perfect for pairing with smart trousers or jeans, whether you’re heading to the game or just down the pub with your friends. 

GANT Pants for Men

Chinos, denims, cords, and more. You will find a range of fits, whether you prefer your chinos in a regular or a slim fit. When you’re ready to step into summer, a relaxed fit pair of linen pants will keep you cool and stylish. For the winter months, moleskin pants will keep you warm and keep you on-trend. They’re a must for any wardrobe. With so much variety to choose from, you can stock up and have a pair of pants for every occasion and all weathers. 

GANT Men’s Coats and Jackets

GANT jackets are slick and stylish. They can merely complement your statement piece or they can be the statement piece. You’ll find a wide variety of options to choose from, whether you want a lightweight linen jacket, a blazer or, a heavy coat to keep the cold out. You can also shop a variety of vests, whether you’re looking for duck down to hit the slopes or something light enough to go hiking in. 

GANT Activewear for Men

When you invest in activewear, you are more likely to maintain the motivation necessary to exercise regularly. When you’re comfortable in the clothing you wear and you feel as though you look good, you are bound to feel great. If you exercise regularly or want to, then you deserve great activewear to carry you through. It’s not just activewear for exercise available either. You will find plenty of casual activewear that’s ideal for daily life. 

GANT Jeans for Men

Whether you prefer your jeans in a regular fit, straight leg or something slimmer, GANT jeans have something for you. In addition to blue jeans, you can shop cream, grey, black, white, blue-grey and even orange. What kind of look are you going for? Are you a traditional jeans kind of guy? Or, do you prefer something outside the box? You can purchase jeans to blend in or to make a statement. Whether you want to build an outfit around your new pair of GANT jeans or simply find something to complement the outfits already in your rotation, you’ll find what you’re looking for. 

GANT Shorts for Men

Come summer, you likely live in shorts. So, it’s important to pick up shorts that are stylish and comfortable. Chinos, swimmers, denims, linen, and beyond, GANT shorts come in a variety of materials, colours, patterns, and styles. You can opt for Bermuda shorts or stick with tailored shorts to maintain your style as you navigate the heat. You will also find a wide selection of utility cargo shorts. 

Of course, sleep is important and GANT has you covered there, too. You can find plenty of sleep shorts to shop. 

GANT Underwear for Men

There’s only one way to purchase underwear and it’s in a pack of three, whether you prefer briefs, a classic boxer trunk, briefs or stretch trunks. With a contoured front, and a snug fit GANT makes underwear for comfort and for style. What else could anyone ask for in underwear? 

GANT Men’s Swimwear

Plaid, polka dot, floral, abstract, stripes, photographic, checks or simply solids, GANT swimwear ticks all the boxes. You want to look stylish when you hit the beach, and you can do that in GANT swimmers. If you’re not into the more adventurous styles, patterns, and colours, there are also more traditional colours and styles to choose from. 

If you’re interested in learning more about GANT clothing or you’re ready to go shopping for some, you will find a full range of options on eBay. You can kit out your entire wardrobe with GANT men’s clothing, from your head to your toes. You will also find a variety of accessories.