Game miniatures for your epic battles

Seize control and outmanoeuvre your foes in an ultimate battle with game miniatures.

Whether you use just a few figures or hundreds of them, these fantasy models allow you to play strategically in your fight against other knights, dragons, and other tabletop characters of your choice.

There are no limits

Play in whatever period excites you. Live in a world of pure knights and dragon fantasy for the arvo. Re-enact dark warfare of historic battles throughout history, right up through to the World Wars, or pretend to participate in modern day warfare battles in hostile environments. Although, you don't have to stick to the facts. You could always bring in Lord of the Rings game miniatures to spice up your Star Wars battle.

Refine your epic tactical game

Choose your setting and employ your warring skills and tactics, and remember that playground cubby houses make great battlefields sites. Deploy your powerful army of game miniatures by playing dice to determine the fate of your enemy, as well as your own, on the battlefield.

Collect extra pieces to help strengthen your forces, or gain additional characters to change the flow of the game. Smaller skirmish games require fewer pieces than larger wargames.

Qualities of miniature games

Most game miniatures are made of either metal or plastic. Metal models are more durable, and some game miniatures will require assembly or painting. For their small scale, these fighters, heroes and warriors are usually meticulously painted to accurately reflect a specific place and time in history or fantasy.

A great way to get into playing miniature gaming is to buy a starter set and expand your collection with additional models over time. You can choose miniatures that are in good condition and are not showing much sign of wear and tear. Alternatively, you may relish the challenge of repainting them.

Of course, battles are not confined to the main battlefield, and there is a large choice of tabletop models to choose from for battling in the sea, air, or in space.