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Garage Door Remotes and Transmitters for Grifco

Garage door remotes and transmitters for Grifco make it easy and convenient to open your Grifco brand garage door. They come in a number of different styles and configurations, so you always have one on hand.

Keychain Garage Door Openers for Grifco

Keychain garage door openers are some of the smallest Grifco garage door remotes and transmitters that you can find. Most are around the same size as standard key fobs. They typically run on watch batteries, but some take AAA batteries. This type of garage door opener comes with a keychain attachment, so you can keep it on your key ring and have it with you every time you are in your car. As well as an open/close button, many feature a stop button so that you can easily open your garage door partway.

Garage Door Clip-On Transmitters for Grifco

Garage door clip-on transmitters for Grifco are slightly larger than the keychain variety. Designed to stay in your car, this garage door transmitter conveniently clips right onto your car visor. Many of these transmitters have only one button, so you can easily press it without looking as you are approaching your garage door. Because this type of transmitter is slightly larger, most require AA or AAA batteries.

Garage Door Remotes for Grifco

Garage door remotes for Grifco are portable garage door openers which are easy to take with you on the go. Most of these little devices have a rectangular shape similar to a television remote, but many have four buttons or fewer. They feature a very slim profile, so it is easy to slip one into your pocket or purse. If you want to keep a remote in your car, you can even mount it on your dashboard.

Garage Door Interior Transmitters for Grifco

Garage door interior transmitters for Grifco go inside your house or garage, so you can easily open the garage door without venturing outside. Though most run via battery power, there are some that you can wire into the power grid of your house, so you never have to worry about changing batteries.

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