Garage Shelving

Put it on a shelf

Declutter your life, your home and your garage with some garage shelving.

Whether youre planning to put up rows and rows of shelves and cover all of the walls or you just want a few shelves to take care of those annoying items you keep tripping over or forgetting about, then these garage storage solutions are the perfect way to take care of it.

All the heavy things

You might have a ton of items lying around in a warehouse, a workshop, or garage, and their weight makes them impractical to stack. If finding an easy way to shift them out of your way but keeping them in easy reach is a priority, strong and sturdy shelving is the way forward. Freestanding metal shelving structures dont put weight on your walls. If you want wall shelves you can make sure they take the strain with a solid steel bearing.

If you have a cluttered workbench in your garage, adding shelving above it gives you ample storage space and keeps everything visible, at eye level and arms reach.

Storage can become a lot easier. You can keep things out of sight with a garage storage cabinet. If you get a unit that is easy to assemble, you can also take the hassle away from the whole thing, and create a new area of storage space at the same time quickly and easily.

Take a load off

You can find shelving to suit all manner of items, not everything needs to be the same size, shape or weight. If you want to store a bike or two, and have a set of tools right next to it, then add a rack on he wall with some shelving to create your very own one-stop bicycle repair shop in your garage. If you are storing large quantities of industrial items you may need a set of warehouse pallets.

If you need some inspiration, simply take a look at the range of shelving on eBay and see what options suit you best.