Garden Arbors & Arches

Garden Arbors and Arches

Garden arbors and arches add a decorative touch to an outdoor area while serving a purpose. They are usually to be placed at the entry of gardens however there are potentially other options where you want climbing plants to grow.


The arches and arbors can be made of a variety of materials. Metal coated in a colour, particularly silver or black are popular choices and often lightweight, which makes installing them easier. Wooden frames are also popular with the freedom of choice as well. Plastic is another option for   garden structures and shade equipment because they are easy to clean off by power washing.


You can place the arches in a garden area to allow climbing roses and other flowers a place to climb. Once the flowers are grown, it will provide a decorative touch to your outdoor space. They are also useful for outdoor weddings to provide a walkway for the bride or guests. While some people like the look of pergolas for an outdoor wedding, the garden arbors are a simple touch and easy to install and take down.


Some garden arches come with shelves or planters where you can place flowers, herbs or other plants. Others include a bench or seating area where you can stop and enjoy the beautiful view.


When choosing an arbor or arch for your garden, you will want to ensure it is solid enough to support your plants, also making sure that the materials used are suitable for your conditions. These products come in a variety of heights and sizes as well as different materials . Width is another consideration since some are large enough to walk through while others have a narrow opening aimed at improving appearance.