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Composting. It's a great thing to do for the environment and your garden. Making compost is easy. You can put your garden waste and most of your food waste into a compost bin. It breaks down to produce a soil rich in nutrients that you then return to your garden. By composting you create a natural fertiliser, free of chemicals. You also stop adding to land fill. What a rewarding way to help the environment. eBay can help you find the best compost bin for our garden.

Composting binsA compost bin gives you an enclosed space in which to create compost. It keeps your waste products contained in a warm environment to help the nutrients break down. This creates compost more quickly than an open compost pile. If you have a small garden it's a tidy way to make compost. The compost bin sits directly onto the ground. You need to rotate the content to aerate the soil. Most compost bins have air holes for aeration or doors on the sides of the container for you to open and turn the soil. Rotating compost binsA rotating compost bin serves the same function as a standing bin. The garden and food waste is added into the barrel. Turning the barrel then allows air to circulate through the soil and the compost develops more quickly. Some rotating bins have wheels which allow you to move the bin for both loading your green waste and then distributing the compost once its ready. Buy all those extra gardening supplies you want for your thriving garden with the money you save in fertiliser.

What can be compostedIt's so easy to create compost. Your coffee grounds and filters, tea leaves, fruit and vegetable peelings, eggs and nut shells can all go in. Shred your newspapers, add your grass clippings and leaves! Ash from your wood burner or fire pit can be added too!

Keen to start composting today? Visit eBay for the tools you need.

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