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Garden ferns

The lush greenery of garden ferns can help to transform your outdoor space into a peaceful and restful haven. With just a small amount of soil TLC from a good mulch, ferns have the benefit of being low maintenance. Like all plants, ferns will appreciate it if you choose their homes carefully for optimal shade exposure. In return, ferns will show to be a great choice for year round colour and foliage cover in your backyard.

How to pick the perfect garden ferns for your spaceStaghorn ferns

Garden ferns of the Staghorn species have a unique and distinctive shape, and are also known as Elkhorn ferns. Staghorn garden ferns are epiphytic plants, which means that they grow on tree trunks, stumps, or on other plants. In order to thrive Staghorn ferns require bright, indirect or diffused light. Young Staghorn garden ferns are potted in plant pots. Garden ferns that are mature can be hung in a hanging basket, or mounted on to a timber display board.

Tree ferns

Tree garden ferns are available in a wide variety of species. Tree ferns that produce crinkled arching fronds and bronze-red foliage are exotic and rare plants. The most popular types of Tree garden ferns have long, tall trunks and glossy fronds that arch. Dwarf Tree ferns provide excellent ground cover and show off finely divided arching fronds that radiate from the centre of the plant. The ferns are suited to most climates but appreciate sunny warmth.

Maidenhair ferns

In complete contrast to Staghorn and Tree ferns, Maidenhair ferns have a more delicate appearance. The plants produce shiny soft stem arching fronds with rounded lace foliage. Also known as walking ferns, Maidenhair ferns require regular watering and indirect light. Although the ferns are often grown indoors they also thrive in shady backyards, and between bricks or pavers. Pot the ferns in hanging baskets for maximum growth potential. If you particularly like the look of these fragile ferns, there are around 250 different species of Maidenhair ferns to choose from.

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