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Garden Lamp Post with Lights

When the sun begins to set on your home's garden, you may begin to realise the need for a light source around your home's yard. Garden lamp posts can make for a great option for both providing light and creating ambiance around your home. However, before investing in a garden lamp post with lights, you will want to ensure that the post you purchase has the appropriate power source, features, number of lights, and finish that works best with your particular home.

Garden Lamp Post Power Source

Though maybe not as exciting, the power source of your lamp post is a very important factor to consider. Because your lamp post may be a farther proximity from your house and any outlet possibilities, you will want to know what your power source options are. Thankfully, you do indeed have options. There are some posts that are battery-operated, while others require a cord to light up. Some posts even have the ability to harness solar energy to work.

Garden Lamp Post Features

While garden lamp posts have been around for decades, modern day options have some modern day technology to utilise as well. Some posts have the option to be set on a timer, so they only light up during particular times of day. Others can automatically be set up to work from dusk to dawn. Even further, there is also solar outdoor lighting, meaning these posts have a solar sensor embedded in them to turn on when the sensor sees that the surrounding atmosphere is darker, ideal for foggy or rainy days with limited visibility.

Garden Lamp Post Light Sets

Some garden lamp posts have the option to come not just as one singular light but as a post with several lights instead. This can add to increased outdoor lighting in your garden. Some posts come with twin lights, while others can have four, five, or even six individual lights all attached to one post. The posts you choose will have to depend on the preferences you have for your particular garden.

Garden Lamp Post Finishes

A final important factor to consider when purchasing your new lamp post is the finish, or overall look and colour, of your post. Most homeowners opt to have a post that will fit in seamlessly with the decor that already exists outside their home and within their garden. Some common types of finishes are copper and stainless steel, while brass, bronze, black, and even stone.

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