Garden Water Pumps & Pressure Tanks

Choosing a Bore Pump

Selecting a bore pump is no easy task. Not only are there several very important factors to consider in order to choose the right bore pump, there are many brands and models to compare and contrast, each of which offer something slightly different. First up, cost. While cost should be a consideration, that does not mean buyers should look at cost alone to determine whether a bore pump offers the quality and functionality required.

Its not about finding the cheapest or the most expensive bore pump, its about find the bore pump that will do the job most effectively, that will last over the long term. A submersible pumping system should last 20 or 30 thirty years, without seeing any daylight, and with minimal maintenance on the above ground parts. Anyone who has a bore pump system certainly does not want to have to pull up the pump from however many metres underground, simply because cheap parts caused it to fail.

Comparing Bore Pumps

When comparing bore pump options, consider the type of set-up that is best. While a bore pump can run water straight from the bore into the house, this may not be the best option. In a blackout, there would be no water - and when the pump eventually fails, the house will be without water until the system has been fixed. Instead, it is generally a better idea to pump water into a tank, to then use a pressure pump on the tank to feed water to the house.

Consider how many litres of water are needed each day, and how much water the water tank can hold. Also take into consideration what the bore is capable of. Dont strain the bore by running it at maximum capacity, and be sure to choose a bore pump that is cost-effective to run. Ready to compare bore pump options? From the perfect bore pump to the ideal irrigation pump, eBay makes it easy to find everything needed for a great set-up. Check out eBays range of garden water pumps and pressure tanks and drip irrigation equipment to find a system that really works.