Windmills & Wind Spinners

Windmills and wind spinners make a pretty decorative gardenfeature that is understated in comparison to many ornamental designs. The spinning sails or ‘petals’ rotate in the wind to create a pleasing visual effect.

Differences between windmills and wind spinners

  • Traditional design – Windmills are typically free standing and designed to sit on top of a table or flat surface. The realistic design features wind powered motion sails and rotating LED motion effect light like a real lighthouse
  • Modern style – Wind spinners that add visual interest to a garden or patio are mostly made from metal

Different types of materials

  • Wood – Versatile wood is the material of choice for many realistic windmill designs. Spiral wind spinners are also made from wood that is impregnated with preservatives
  • Metal – Metalis the perfect material for highly detailed and decorative ornamental garden features. Floral wind spinners made from metal that has a verdigris or distressed finish create a pretty optical illusion when they begin to rotate
  • Plastic and resin – Lightweight plastic and resin is mostly used to make small wind spinner items, or used as features on other designs

Different types of windmills and wind spinners

  • Standing wind spinners – Freestanding metal wind spinners are designed to be staked into the ground
  • Hanging wind spinners – Wind spinners that are made from impregnated wood have a distinctive shape and a decorative ball at the base. Metal wind spinners that hang are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and some also feature solar LED light
  • Traditional – Child-friendly, and waterproof hand held windmills have a solid wood pole and coloured plastic ‘petals’. These are great for attaching to a flower pot
  • Oversized – Supersized lightweight windmills and wind spinners are typically made from plastic or metal and feature colourful rainbow nylon or polyester rotating ‘petals’
  • Artisan – One of kind pieces that are handmade from burnished copper create a unique artistic dimension in any garden.