Decorative Garland

Garland can add a touch of magic to your event or living space. Garland can be used in any type of space with ease, indoors or out, and can really enhance a plain banister or a mantelpiece. Just string them up on a beam or twist them around the furniture to increase the glam factor. They are perfect for those last-minute events when inspiration and time are lacking and can beautify a space quickly and cost effectively.

Wedding Garland

Rose garland look spectacular at a wedding event. You can drape them around a wedding arch or use them to decorate the tables. Ivy garland can make a beautiful backdrop for your wedding photography particularly draped around an arch, a chandelier, a trellis or a beam. Ivy garland, coloured vines or artificial flowers come up particularly well in professional wedding pictures.

Decorative Garland

Decorating the living space or dining room is a rewarding task for many homeowners. You can embellish your home and intersperse the ivy garland with fairy lights. Decorate a doorway, picture frame or even a blank wall space. Slightly whimsical and a whole lot of fun, decorating your home with garlands and artificial ivy leaves will easily complement your current décor without the need to redecorate the whole space or move furniture around.

Party Garland

Using vines décor for your next party or event is great for any space or budget. You can add an instant burst of colour without overspending. They are a quintessential party essential and work well for small and large events. It is amazing how fake flowers or a mixed selection of vines can spruce up a party. You can drape them from ceiling to wall for a dramatic jungle or medieval effect or place them sporadically around the room for a simple, more elegant look.

Seasonal Garlands

Regardless of the season, wreath and garland décor are a firm fixture when it comes to home decorating. Christmas, Easter, Halloween, the onset of fall or spring––whatever the time of year, there is always an occasion to prepare for. As garland lasts for multiple seasons, you can continue to bring them out again and again. Just dust them off and arrange them effectively to breathe some festive life into your living space.