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Gas Home Ducted Central Heating Systems

Gas Furnaces and Heating Systems

Home heating is an essential part of comfortable living. The question is what kind of furnace and heating system is best for your home. From small portable heaters, to central furnaces, or even heat pump systems that effectively let your air conditioner run in reverse there are lots of options available to the Australian consumer.

Types of Gas

There are two main types of gas in use in Australia: LPG and natural gas. LPG, or liquefied petroleum gas, usually transports in bottles. Another common name for it is propane, and it often pairs with barbecues. Natural gas is methane, and is what usually flows through the gas mains to your home. LPG has more energy than natural gas, but also needs more oxygen for combustion.

Advantages of Gas

The big advantage of gas heaters is that they warm up fast. Electric heat is generally slow and uses a lot of energy. Gas furnaces and heating systems start producing heat the moment you light them, and can fill a room with warmth in a matter of minutes. Inexpensive to run, they are a cost-effective way to get the warmth you want whenever you need it.

Fixed Gas Heaters

Often found in the countrys southern states, ducted gas furnaces and heating systems rely on a central furnace for heat. They feed warm air through a series of ducts in either the floor or ceiling to heat the house. While being energy efficient, ducted units are also very safe for children because the heat source is in another room. This is the most common choice for people wanting a single central heat source.

Portable Gas Heaters

The advantage of portable gas heating systems is that they let you heat only the areas you want to heat. All you have to do is move it into the room, connect it to the gas, and enjoy the warmth. Just remember that you cant put an unflued heater in a bedroom, bathroom, or other small space.

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