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Gas torches for big and small jobs

A gas torch is a useful tool for many different tasks. From industry professionals to those looking to do your own soldering, brazing, welding, or plumbing at home, from the serious chef to the rugged adventurer, you're sure to find the next addition to your toolkit in this great range.

Whether you are looking for a mixed gas, propane, or butane torch, there are plenty of options to choose from. Most modern torches are portable and have a gas cylinder attached which can be disposed of or refilled.

Gas torches for DIY

If you're using a gas torch to undertake DIY jobs such as welding and soldering, look out for gas welding torches with a non-slip handle for extra safety. For smaller, more delicate jobs, there are also smaller models that still produce quality results.

Most gas blow torches also come with a gas regulator on the cylinder heads, which control the pressure and flow of the gas, ensuring that the torch safe to use.

When using a gas torch for welding and soldering projects, it is important to protect yourself from the heat and flame by wearing protective items such as gloves, an apron, and, most importantly, some goggles or a full-face mask.

Other uses

When you're settling down for the night after a long day of hiking and need a quick and easy way to get a roaring fire going, a gas torch is a perfect solution. Lightweight and compact enough to slip into your camping kit, these torches make light work of getting that kindling blazing, making sure you have a cosy camping experience.

If you love mixing things up in the kitchen, or you're trying to create the perfect crème brûlée, a gas torch is a great addition to your kitchen equipment. Easy to use and store, these kitchen gas torches heat to high temperatures to ensure you get great results every time.

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