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Looking for GTS dash aftermarket gauges?

The Holden Monaro was a popular vehicle in Australia for a number of years, primarily during its early run from 1968 to 1977. In 2001 it made a comeback, mainly due to consumer demand for the return of one of Holden’s most popular cars. One of the models that was released in 2004 was the GTS-R Monaro, released under the Holden Special Vehicles (HSV) badge. It was intended as a racing vehicle, rather than for general road use.

However, many of the older versions came with the GTS name, and these are the ones that eBay has plenty of dash gauges for. Whether you need one gauge or a complete set, there’s a lot to choose from on eBay. You can also find a range of other items, such as HQ Monaro seats and other HQ Holden parts.

Benefits of aftermarket products

There are a few benefits to buying aftermarket products, namely the price. The difference between aftermarket and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) products is that OEM parts are considered genuine. They’re the parts used in the car originally. So, if you insist on having original parts, you can certainly find them on eBay too. However, if you’re on a budget, aftermarket parts are a bit cheaper and easier to find.

Different dash gauges available

The items here on eBay are very diverse, so you can find a range of different gauges for the GTS Monaro. Being older vehicles, these gauges aren’t as complex as modern cars, however there are still some different ones you can buy. Firstly, there are a lot of different Monaro GTS models that you can choose from, such as HJ, HQ, HZ and so on. That means they all look slightly different. The main parts, though, include:

  •         Speedometer
  •         Tachometer
  •         Clock
  •         Fuel indicator

Some variations may have other features, but the older dash instrument panels were reasonably basic. When searching, be sure to read the item description carefully to ensure the product fits your specific vehicle. The pictures alone are useful, but it always pays to double-check.