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Generic Ink Cartridge for Brother Printer

A printer without ink is just a useless heavy object on your desk taking up lots of space. When ink runs out, you need to replace it to get your printer up and running again. The safest bet is to always buy the brand ink, so for a Brother printer, you should look for Brother printer ink. However, the brand inks may often be more expensive and thus generic ink cartridges have become popular.

Research the Manufacturer

Generic ink manufacturers might not always have familiar names. To ensure their reliability, you should research the manufacturer of the generic ink before purchasing. The company should have been around for at least several years and have positive reviews to be trustworthy. If you use a black ink, be sure to read reviews about the manufacturer's black ink and focus on Brother multi-coloured ink cartridges if you need more colours.


Purchasing generic ink requires extra care when checking the compatibility with your Brother printer. Branded Brother inkjet printer ink cartridges are inarguably the safest choice, as they are definitely compatible with your printer. Generic ink may or may not be compatible, and you need to ensure that the ink corresponds to your printer model.

Generic Ink Quality

Generic ink manufacturers aim to create inks that fit all kinds of printers. However, this may mean losing a bit of quality. Performing high-quality print jobs at a professional level where getting the colours right is crucial is not a good idea with a generic ink, as it may not act as you anticipate. Generally, generic inks create blurred lines and a higher rate of ink overspray. On the other hand, if quality is not a major concern and you use the printer just for printing out emails or drafts for your own use, then generic inks do the job rather well.

Printer Failures

Ink cartridges include microchips that the printer reads as you insert them into your desktop device. Some printers do not start working if you insert the wrong cartridge. Others simply display error messages, and occasionally you can skip them and still use the generic cartridge of your choice. Before purchasing generic ink cartridges, make sure that your printer does not reject them.

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