Fit and flatter with Genie Bra

Its the holy grail of bra ownership. A bra that not only supports, and flatters, but sits perfectly on your ribcage for a beautifully comfortable fit. Not only that, but a bra that doesnt come full of seams, and bumpy detail, or fall apart in the wash. Well, the good news is, it already exists on eBay, and comes in a huge variety of gorgeous colours. Its called the Genie Bra.

Seamless bras

For something simple, functional, and practical, why not try the black, nude, and white coloured seamless bras from Genie. Made with a unique blend to give gentle support, and comfort for women of all shapes and sizes, this is one bra youll never want to take off. No hooks, wires, or tags to dig into your skin, and ideal for wearing in bed.

Vibrant colours

If you prefer hot pinks, dazzling blues, and pulsing purples, then youll love this 3-pack of bras from Genie. Ideal if youre looking for something funky, but comfortable. The specially designed magic pouch can also accommodate removable modesty pads for extra lift, and coverage. Noticeably smooth contour cups stretch to the shape of each breast, and the knitted wide support band around the ribs removes the need for any underwiring. Perfect for injuries, breastfeeding, and low impact sports like pilates, and yoga.

Genie bra packs

There are so many Genie bra packs available on eBay, you can even mix, and match the packs to suit you. All you need to do is look through the amazing range available now on eBay, to find the exact triple pack combination of colours you love.

Breathe new life into your collection of intimates, and banish pressure marks, sores, and rib-digging wire, with amazing, seamless, Genie comfort bras, and shapewear. With so many to choose from on eBay, why not pick a brand new colour for every day of the week.