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Genuine Leather Watch Bands

Watch bands are available in an array of different materials, including steel, rubber, cloth, and leather. While this variety exists, many still have a love affair with genuine leather straps, as they are a symbol of traditionalism and elegance. Leather watches match outfits of any kind, as opposed to a stainless steel band, which tends to look better as an accessory to casual outfits.

What is the Difference Between a Genuine Leather Watch Strap and a Faux Leather One?

Genuine leather watch bands have skins that have slight blemishes in spots because it uses natural material. Genuine leather tends to have a skin-like feel to it, and it stretches and creases in a manner similar to skin. Faux leather bands are generally PVC, and they tend to be very uniform and even to the touch. When pressed, it forms a depression similar to the type you would observe when pressing on plastic.

What are the Advantages of Genuine Leather Bands?

While faux leather bands tend to price cheaper, genuine leather bands offer advantages that faux leather cannot. These include:

  • Durability - Genuine leather tends to last a longer time than faux leather, which disintegrates over time leaving an ugly bruising on the strap.
  • Appearance - Not only does genuine leather last longer, they develop a glossy, darker-coloured coating over time (a patina). This develops due to absorption of the skin's natural oils as well as the elements.
  • Comfort - Leather tends to be more pliable and thus more breathable than faux leather, thus making it more comfortable to wear. This comfort also increases with longer periods of use.

What Types of Designs do Leather Watches Have?

While you may think of a plain watch band when it comes to leather watch bands, in actuality there are a number of different patterns you can choose from for your band. These patterns include:

  • Classic leather straps, which consist of plain pure leather with no other patterns on it,
  • Contrast stitched straps, which have a stitched line in thread along the edges of the strap, usually in a colour that contrasts with the leather,
  • Rally straps, perforated leather bands from the watches racecar drivers wore in the past. The holes in the bands look edgy and also make the watch more breathable,
  • Bund straps, which provide an extra layer of leather under the timepiece. These take inspiration from the pilot watches and are a somewhat retro design.
  • Padded straps, which have extra padding in them to make them bulkier and more solid. Many luxury watches have padded straps to make them stand out.
  • Leather NATO and ZULU straps, which follow the same design as their nylon counterparts.
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