Gerni industrial and domestic washers.

Gerni products belong to the Nilfisk range, making them a world leader in the manufacture of professional cleaning machines. Their range includes high pressure washers, vacuum cleaners and floor care equipment, supplying them to industrial companies and private consumers. With their customer-driven focus, Gerni strives to provide innovative cleaning solutions that help equipment perform at its optimum level. 

Gerni's designs and technology are second-to-none among commercial cleaning products. Their commercial range of pressure washers feature brass pump heads, making the water blast and more intense, and anti-corrosive ceramic pistons, which makes them outlast other types of pump heads. All industrial cleaners have a 10-metre braided steel hose that gives you a lot of manoeuvrability, and will easily outlasts other hoses of it type. 

Gerni also makes a range of cleaners for domestic use. They're great for cars, trucks, motorcycles and outside areas of the home. And they're so simple to use. Just attach your cleaner to your garden hose, turn your water pressure on, release the safety lock and pull trigger to prime pump. Then simply insert your chosen nozzle, turn on and you're good to go. Your machine or patio will be clean in no time. 

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