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Enjoy More Gibson Jigsaw Puzzles

Your family’s been entertained by Gibson puzzles for nearly a century now. As you browse through eBay’s vast listings for your next jigsaw, look for favourites such as wedding and Christmas themes. Purchase Gibson jigsaw puzzles for sale as Chrimbo gifts for friends and family and keep one for yourself.

What categories of Gibson jigsaw puzzles are available?

Gibson includes multiple themes as part of their affordable jigsaw puzzles. Find some of the UK’s loveliest and finest jigsaw puzzles for sale on eBay. Offerings include these:

  • Christmas Limited Editions – This jigsaw puzzle was the top-selling adult jigsaw for 2018. New and used editions are sold here.
  • Wedding themes – If you love a wedding, enjoy one of Gibson’s special wedding jigsaw puzzles. You and your spouse will have hours of fun putting together one of the 1,000-piece puzzles.
  • Sweets Shoppes collections – Available in regular and limited editions, some special jigsaws come in a posh gift tin.
  • Victorian Era – These jigsaw puzzles bring back a time when families gathered around the fire to play games and work together to accomplish completing fun things like jigsaws.
  • Multiples in one – Open your jigsaw puzzle box and find four or more puzzles for multiple fun times.
Choosing affordable Gibson jigsaws for sale for different age groups

Introduce small children to simple puzzles starting at age 3 or 4. Small children enjoy a simple puzzle starting with 15 to 25 pieces or less. Made with larger pieces, these jigsaw puzzles are great for practicing logic and reason while playing with a puzzle.

As children grow older, challenge them with 100- to 250-piece jigsaw puzzles. Depending on the maturity of the child, introduce 500-piece puzzles between the age of 10 or 12. Jigsaw puzzles containing 1,000 or more pieces are challenging for teens and adults. Buy larger puzzles to spend valuable quiet times with the whole family working sections of more intricate jigsaw puzzles. Be sure to include grandparents as cognitive decline slows when older minds actively engage while working to solve puzzles like jigsaws.

What do different conditions mean when looking for jigsaw puzzles?

Sometimes, it’s very clear what kind of jigsaw puzzle is for sale. Here’s some help in understanding terms you’ll see when looking to purchase your new or pre-owned puzzle:

  • Brand-new – These applies to puzzles that are pre-owned but never put together or used.
  • Sealed – Similar to brand-new, this may apply only to the puzzle pieces themselves. If the pieces are still in their sealed bag, then this term applies.
  • Used – This word applies when the jigsaw box and bag are opened and pieces were partially or completely put together. These are normally lovely puzzles to pass on to others for their enjoyment.
  • Used, pieces missing – These puzzles are just as described. One or more pieces might be lost, leaving a good puzzle to put together while knowing it might be more challenging in this condition.