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Add some flavour to your collectors cabinet with collectible ginger beer bottles

If theres one thing that hasnt changed throughout the ages, its the appreciation of an ice-cold drink, like Ginger Beer. Everyone likes a cool, refreshing can after a hard days work. Or a beverage to sum up a delicious evening meal. But only the special few think of this pick-me-up drink as a collectors dream. Luckily, its that unique audience that can have their thirst quenched with the collectible drinkware available here on eBay.

Ginger beer bottles for the collector

Original uses of ginger beer date back to Ancient China, where it was used as medicine. With the selection on eBay going as back as far as the 1900s, the range of vintage ginger beer bottles brings to life the socialising habits of the past. This sugary drink can now stand proudly on a collectors shelf, showcasing its history as a popular drink within the British Army.

Ginger beer comes in all shapes and sizes. Some are brewed with alcohol, others with additional spices to give that fizzy drink more of a kick. With each collectible bottle comes a unique personality, reflecting back to citizens of the past and their tastes and styles. With some items, you can even trace back their manufacturing journey from the brewery, to the crates, and to their shipped locations across the world. Each item speaks volumes about its own lifetime and the people that appreciated it.

From Moscow Mules to G Wilmot, Phibbs Bros to Dark & Stalker, ginger beer plays an important role in the beverage world, whether as a cocktail or an individual drink. With shorter bottles at under 20 cm, to taller ones that make a statement, theres something to add bang for your buck, no matter your preferences.

So next time youre left searching for the perfect collectors bottle, look no further than the vast selection of ginger beer bottles here on eBay.